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Vklass learning platform (LMS) is a community and learning platform for schools. It’s a cloud-based service offered to where teachers, students and parents can communicate, learn and administer their day-to-day work.  Vklass offers a comprehensive and lively social community focused on learning and cooperation, that’s attractive to students, parents and teachers alike.

Vklass is designed with both teachers and pupils in mind to make the platform as useful as possible for all users. With active users schools can rely on that the information communicated through Vklass reaches everyone concerned.

The functions in Vklass are customized to suit schools with pupils ranging from ages 5 to 19. Some of the functions include:


Vklass is built in HTML5 and works on all modern web browsers on both desktop computers and mobile devices. There is also a special Vklass app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone to make the use of Vklass even easier.


Below you’ll find a short demo of Vklass and a few of its functions:
Vklass demo in english


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